Yesterday, a small group of members met to discuss incredible opportunities we have this summer to minister to our community. From family skills workshops to door-to-door visits, we are planning it all! Needless to say, our meeting about outreach opportunities went incredibly well and we are EXCITED to be able to share what you and I, as a church, get to be a part of.

One of those opportunities happens to be a project that we have already dove into! We were invited in April to be a part of Jackson County Civic Action / Jackson County Coalition for Children & Families / Family First Resource Fair at College Park Elementary. At this event, we distributed information on The Bread of Life at Liberty Church, as well as some of the Family initiatives we are doing as a church this summer, and showed the community that we are a church that cares about them. We are continuing to be committed to this and invite you to invest into our neighbors as we are!

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for you and I to not only help an organization geared towards families that are “the least of these” but also allow our church to be a beacon of hope for those who attend all events put on by the members of the coalition. Furthermore, our church will have great exposure to the community leaders and members as a partner at these events, and when individuals use any of their services, our name will be introduced to them as a partner. Again, this is an incredible way for our church to invest into our community and get our church out there in the community.

What we need from the church: we are trying to raise at least $1200 to help support this cause. We think this is a noble goal to help unfortunate families who live on the gulf coast. We invite you to partner with us and consider giving to this cause. We feel it is important for our church to support our families in our community and urge you to consider partnering with our leaders in this worthy endeavor. You can very easily give to this cause by going to

We are so excited for what God has in store for the City of Gautier. We pray that you join hands with us as we minister to his people.

In his service,

Jeremiah Lawrence
Associate Pastor, Liberty Church